Show Your Mother How Much You Care By Expressing Your Love With Flowers

Before you purchase the beautiful bouquet (from an outlet such as Abbott Florist) for your mother this Mother's Day, you may want to make sure that the flowers are speaking the language of love that you are looking for. Every flower has its own symbolic meaning that follows it. For instance, a yellow carnation represents disdain and rejection while a red rose symbolizes grace and appreciation. Before you make the wrong choice on which flowers to give your mother, use this guide to help put together a bouquet that she will love.


Though lilacs are popular in weddings for their symbol of new love, they are great for Mother's Day because they also represent the love that a mother has for her child. A bouquet of pink lilacs will show your mother that you appreciate the love that she has for you and the sacrifices that she has made.

You can make this bouquet more interesting by adding daisies. Daisies symbolize innocence and pure love. If you want to add a little hint of uniqueness, add in a few pink daisies. Pink daisies represent forever beauty.


White and blue irises are popular during Mother's Day because the symbolize warmth and affection. Many Christians also prefer this flower because it is the flower that many believe represents the Virgin Mary. Irises express the gentleness that mothers show their children.

Mixing your iris bouquet with orchids will make your bouquet stand out in beauty and symbolism. Orchids represent children, refinement and beauty.


Carnations are very symbolic toward mothers. It is believed that the first carnation sprouted from the ground where Mary cried when Jesus died. Because of this belief, the carnation has become the symbol of a mother's eternal love for her child. Build of a bouquet of pink and yellow carnations. Pink carnations signify gratitude and appreciation, while yellow carnations symbolize cheeriness.

You can spruce up your carnation bouquet by adding tulips. Tulips are a good addition to your mother's day bouquet because they represent a mother's grace and beauty. Pink tulips will express how much you care for your mother while red tulips will express how much you love her.

Each flower has its own meaning. It is important to build a bouquet that tells your mother exactly how you feel without conveying the wrong message. By following the guide listed above, you will be able to construct the best and most meaningful Mother's Day bouquet that she will remember for many years to come.