Want Better Skin? Surprising Habits That Might Be Preventing That Perfect Glow

If you're like most people, you want the best looking skin possible. You go to great lengths to keep your skin looking great with cleansing, moisturizing and other routines. However, you might be doing some damage to your skin without realizing it. This guide explains some unknown activities that you might be taking part in that could affect the healthy glow of your skin.

Skipping Meals

You have always been told that skipping meals isn't good for your health and that it can actually cause weight gain. However, you probably didn't know that it can be bad for your skin as well.

To promote a healthy glow ensure that you're eating properly and that your meals include foods high in vitamins C, B3 and A. All of these promote healthy clear skin and help prevent it from aging prematurely.

Taking Long Hot Showers

While taking a long hot shower might seem like a great way to relax sore muscles, long exposure to hot water can damage your skin by drying out the natural oils faster. Don't deny yourself the benefits of a hot water, but once you begin to see your skin turn red, it's time to get out.

Talking on the Phone

Phones are dirty. In fact, they harbor more germs, dirt and oil than most things in your home. The dirt and oil rubs off on your skin and can create breakouts and other skin problems. Because you're not likely to skip phone conversations, hold the phone off of your face a little while talking. The less the phone touches your skin, the fewer breakouts you'll have.

Wearing Dirty Sunglasses

There is little doubt that you clean the lenses of your sunglasses as soon as you notice spots or streaks. However, if you skip cleaning the nose piece, skin problems may not be far behind. When dirt and oil get on the bridge of your nose, you might eventually see breakouts.

Keeping the Dry Cleaning Plastic

Throughout your busy lifestyle, you might pick up the dry cleaning and hang it up in the closet immediately. Doing so might keep your clothes looking cleaner longer, but it could pose a problem for your skin. Believe it or not, dirt and oil linger on plastic and can transfer to your clothes, then to your skin, and even to your facial skin if you're not careful. Remove the plastic from your dry cleaning immediately before hanging the clothes up in the closer.

Ask a spa professional (such as one from Five60 Salon) for other tips to keep your skin looking great all the time. You might be surprised to find that some of the tips require no money at all, but require you to take simple steps that you might not have thought of. Share this with others who are having skin problems and might not know why.