Habits That Will Fade Your Colored Denim Fast

Colored denim trousers are amazing, but only if you manage to preserve their original colors. While few people would set out to ruin their trousers deliberately, there are some "innocent" habits that will make your denim clothes fade faster than they should. For example, you may be left just reminiscing about your denim's original colors if:   

Wear Them While Sleeping

Sleeping in your denim will fade them fast because of two major reasons. First, it is true that the longer you wear your jeans, the more they fade. By sleeping in them, you rack up the number of hours you have worn them. This effectively reduces the number of hours you will be able to wear them when it matters most – during the day.

Second, friction accelerates the rate of fade of denim material. Imagine how much friction you will expose your pair of trousers to as you turn and twist on your bed. Everything from your bed sheets to blankets will be hankering for the dye in your denim.

Wear Them in High Humidity and High Temperature Areas

Apart from fashion sense, there is another reason colored denim isn't exactly beach wear. High temperatures and high humidity accelerate the rate of color fade, which is another reason you should never put your denim in the clothes dryer (even if you don't fear shrinkage).

Wearing Them Inside Out

Do you think it is good fashion sense to wear your raw denim inside out? While that kind of goofing around may be hilarious to your buddies, it is not good for your denim trousers. As hinted at the beginning of this article, friction is one of the major causes of color fade. Now imagine how much friction you will be exposing the outer surface of your trouser, which will now be facing inside out. Unless you want to wear them inside out forever, you shouldn't treat your colored denim like that.

Peeing in/on Them

Peeing in your denim is also a sure way to ruin its color. Granted, nobody would ever do that in his or her right mind. However, you can't prevent your cute baby from relieving himself or herself on your lap. If that happens, then the chemical in the urine (mainly potassium nitrate and ammonia) will break down the denim dye into its individual components.

Now you know what you shouldn't be doing if you want to keep your colored denim looking fresh and bright. Which destructive behavior can you add to this list? If you own a fashionable pair that you have kept bright for a long time, how did you do it?