6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Fur In Good Shape

Although fur coats might seem built to last, in reality they're very delicate, which means they need a lot of care to stay in good condition. While some people may be able to buy another fur coat if one of theirs becomes worn, others want to keep the fur coats they have for life, as they represent an investment. If you want to extend the life of your fur coat as long as possible, there are some easy steps you can take to keep in tip top shape forever.

1. Keep your fur coat in a dry, cool place; don't keep your coat in a garment bag because the coat needs air circulation so that the hide doesn't dry out. You'll also want to make sure you hang your fur on a padded hanger so that the shoulders keep their shape.

2. Don't wear perfume when you're wearing your coat. Not only will the alcohol in perfume dry out the hides, but the oils from it can seep through the fur and eventually produce an unpleasant smell, which is impossible to remove once it's there.

3. Never wear accessories, such as jewelry or bags, on your fur coat. Jewelry can mat the fur, and constantly carrying bags on your shoulder can cause the fur to wear away and create a bald spot.

4. If your coat somehow gets wet, never attempt to dry it on your own with a blow dryer because heat damages fur. The best way to dry the fur is to hang it in room temperature; when you think it's dry, you can shake it out to fluff up the fur.

5. Don't store your coat with moth balls. Even though moth balls help preserve certain fabrics, they can damage furs because of the chemical reaction they cause. Not only will your fur be damaged beyond repair, but it will have a constant odor as well.

6. If you're going to be sitting for a long time, remove your coat so you don't crush the fur; if you can't remove your coat completely, try switching positions often so that one side isn't crushed more than the other.

If your fur coat needs to be cleaned, it's impossible to do on your own, so always bring it to a professional like those at Hinsdale Furriers. Following these easy steps will ensure that your fur coat stays in good condition for years to come.