What You Should Know About Hair Extensions

Do you want to give yourself a dramatic change for an upcoming high school reunion? One of the things that you can change is the length of your hair, which can be done with extensions and getting it styled by a professional. There are also extensions that are already styled if you want to do your own hair. The article below will go over some of the hair extension types that you can consider.

Opt for a Full Sew-In Weave

If you don't want any of your own hair exposed, you can get a weave that won't show any of your natural hair. Basically, all of your natural hair will be braided up to act as the base for the weave to be sewn onto. The way your hair is braided will depend on the specific hairstyle that you are going for. For instance, some of the braids will be vertical and others will be horizontal or curved. A sew-in weave is ideal because you can wear it for a long time without worrying about it falling out. There are wefts on the weave that will be attached to your braids with a needle and thread.

Get a Weave That is Easy to Remove

Adding extensions to your natural hair can take some getting used to if you are getting a lot of them and your natural hair is short. For instance, the extensions can add weight to your head and make you feel hot. However, if you have the option of getting clip-in extensions if you want to quickly remove them as soon as your high school reunion is over. Another benefit of clip-in extensions is that they are easy to install. You can put the extensions when you are getting dressed for the reunion and they will look good if you make sure they blend with your natural hair well.

Go For Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are ideal if you want a style that can be maintained similar to your natural hair. The extensions will be installed in small portions throughout your natural hair by way of a keratin bond. For instance, you will be able to part your hair down to the scalp and create different hairstyles that are not restricted by wefts. You can also wash your fusion extensions just like natural hair and not worry about them coming out in the process. Invest in hair extensions for your high school reunion as soon as you can.

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