Show Your Mother How Much You Care By Expressing Your Love With Flowers

Before you purchase the beautiful bouquet (from an outlet such as Abbott Florist) for your mother this Mother's Day, you may want to make sure that the flowers are speaking the language of love that you are looking for. Every flower has its own symbolic meaning that follows it. For instance, a yellow carnation represents disdain and rejection while a red rose symbolizes grace and appreciation. Before you make the wrong choice on which flowers to give your mother, use this guide to help put together a bouquet that she will love.

Want Better Skin? Surprising Habits That Might Be Preventing That Perfect Glow

If you're like most people, you want the best looking skin possible. You go to great lengths to keep your skin looking great with cleansing, moisturizing and other routines. However, you might be doing some damage to your skin without realizing it. This guide explains some unknown activities that you might be taking part in that could affect the healthy glow of your skin. Skipping Meals You have always been told that skipping meals isn't good for your health and that it can actually cause weight gain.

Letting Your Hair Go Natural? Learn How To Maintain It For Optimal Style

If you have natural hair, and are tired of straightening it byusing products to style it or chemically altering it, you're not alone. Many folks are letting their hair grow out to its natural state. If you're thinking of joining them, you'll need to know how to take care of natural hair. This guide helps you do just that, so that you too can be on-point with the latest all-natural trend.

How To Remove A Stuck Ring From Your Finger

When that special someone first slides your wedding ring on, you're generally hoping to leave it there for life.  Of course, even with the greatest romances there are times when it's necessary to remove a ring, at least temporarily.  (For example, jewelry can be a serious hazard around heavy machinery.)  Unfortunately, bodies change over time and often a ring that slid on easily at first can become difficult to take off.